I’m moving.

Url is going to be go follow that blog if you care to but it’s going to be a more strict rping only blog with music i guess??? yeah


so… Yeah. I’m gonna start it up soon.

not yet, but soon.




We Won’t Wander Alone (Love Song for the Exiles) Download  Ship: WV/PM

Here it is! The start of  The Land of Ships and Music! Request your otp here. If you’d like to lend your voice to help us out(so I don’t have to fake a male voice again), let us know!! Lyrics by K and Tamara, Music and vocals by Tamara.

PM: You have ensnared me with your democratic charm
And I know that together this land won’t fall
I’d like to be the one hanging on this mayor’s arm
We can rule these sands until the trees grow tall

WV: Your royal quest has brought you here to me
From the golden castle in the night
and I would venture to call it destiny
and we dance beneath the fireflies light

From Prospit to Derse 
For better or worse
We won’t wander alone
We’ll find our new home
Here on this barren land
our love will fill these exiled sands
We won’t wander alone

PM: And oh won’t it be nice to share the stars with me
Oh I’ll swear wherever we are is home
As long as I can get back to mail delivery
I’ll never truly ever be alone

WV: You have become my one and only queen
and your radiance has fully consumed my eyes
And you know I would never dare give up this scene
Even here beneath the blood red sky

PM: And if you ever get hurt
I’ll do whatever works
to bring you back again

I’m having wv/pm feels so bringing this back

Anonymous said: pm

>She shoves her hand over her mouth, crossing her legs. 

'… Oh.' 

Anonymous said: magic anon commands you to fap in a skype call

Whats a skype.


Anonymous said: Magic Anon extends the spell until midnight, tuesday because why not?

Well, this’ll be uneventful. Unless I willingly told people to say my name. 
Or something. 

Anonymous said: ((a namegasm is a slang term in the magic anon community; it refers to an orgasm brought on by hearing one's name.))

(Haha nah i got that cant say pm did originally tho )

>You cover your mouth with your hand and blink. Oooh lord. 

Anonymous said: Magic Anon - Namegasms until midnight!


I’m a bit confused as to what that entails.  

Anonymous said: ((Alright. I was the one that sent the heat one in which doze was the 'safezone' and i gave her immunity two sundays ago i think))

(aaaah thanks for that one im sorry i didnt do much with it uwu )

Anonymous said: ((Want a sexual sunday magic anon? If so, any preference?))

(anything goes but plz no more wanting to fuck doze ok )



ballroom dance flare string suite thing

and in the bag of things i never quite got around to.

i started working on basically a string suite based on the homestuck song flare by clark powell and had basically been intending for it to be… well i guess half way through i made it turn into some kind of dramatic ball room dance piece. because lets be frank, that’s all i really want to do. (plus especially after the latest update i really just want to imagine kanaya and rose dancing to this because whoops shipping feelings)

though i sorta put it on the back burner for a while cause i got caught up with more lifely things for a little bit. but i decided to get back into it and kinda found a new direction for it which i feel will be more interesting.

bare in mind, i’m still in compositional stages. i’ve only done scratch recordings for string parts, have done no mixing, and still need to figure out a lot of transitional stuff. but i guess actually just wanted to post this up to get some reactions if this would be something anyone even wanted to hear.


(via serosevsky)

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